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Russian singing and dancing for the world

The Eurovision is over and our singer took the second place. I like her sweet voice and beautiful song, so I’ll post it here for a better mood. Polina Gagarina has some more songs in English, you can find them in the music menue at her web site. Or you can try listening to her Russian songs as well 🙂

And in the lowest video you can enjoy UDI dancing group from Tomsk, Russia. They decided to go to one of the Britain’s Got Talent 2015 and share their dancing art with the rest of the world. It turned out to be successful.


The 70th anniversary of the Great Victory of our nation

On the 9th of May we celebrated our Victory against German fascism which took place 70 years ago. Now it’s funny to see how Western countries especially Americans, who joined the battlefield when we had done all the fighting, are trying to steal OUR VICTORY, but everyone in Russia knows THE USSR DID STOP HITLER, not anybody else. We paid for being the only fighters with 27 millions of lives. This part of the Second World War is called The Great Patriotic War in Russia.

That’s why we are still celebrating with all our might, cause it’s the day when our people got a chance to live in peace, our new generations got a chance to be born. If not for this Victory I wouldn’t be writing these lines, because Germans had the plan “Ost”, according to which they were going to kill 85% of the population and make slaves of the rest.

Our territory was ruined. My city had only a few streets left when we kicked fascists out of here. We still find their bombs all around. Two weeks ago our children’s hospital was making some faciltiy repairs and they found two German bombs in the earth. Luckily, the military specialists took them away and exploded them without any damage for people and buildings.

So these days we’re having celebrations all together during 3 days. Of course, most of them took place on the 9th of May. In the morning there were parades in many cities. Among alive soldiers marching there were Immortal batalions – it means that relatives of the Soviet Warriors were marching with portraits of them in their hands. In my city there 32 thousand people marching in the Immortal batalion – such a glorious and terrific flow of proud people. I myself didn’t go to the parade and watched it online, so can you in the upper video of the Victory Parade in Moscow by RussiaToday.

After the parade in my city there were a lot of entertaining events. Dancing shows, concerts, fireshows, free museums installations, tricks, free films in the cinema devoted to the war and eating out delicious meals in lovely places right in the street. Concerts were of different styles: rock, pop, jazz, Russian folk music, Soviet war songs, classic music, classic opera, single singers of whatever they want and even Bolivian (I believe) Indians who travel around Russia dancing and singing their national music.

I chose for myself three concerts: Soviet war songs and dancing, Russian folk singing and dancing and a concert of classical music. The first concert was very touching: many people had eyes full of tears as ALMOST EVERY FAMILY in our counry lost someone in the war against fascism. There was a choir of 1000 singers performing these songs on the main square of our city. All the audience was singing together with them. In the end little children let the white doves of peace fly freely into the sky.

The second concert was very bright and cheerful – Russian folk songs are like fire and people started dancing and laughing) And the last classic concert was breathtaking, so pure and overwhelming the melodies were. There was a strom of applauding after each performance.

At 10 p.m. there were magnificent fireworks in many cities of our country. I didn’t go as I was tired, so I watched it online and I post the link here too, you can enjoy the firework of Moscow in the upper video.
More interesting photos: – Soviet women at war – Soviet children at war – Soviet people celebrating the Great Victory – Reconstructions of that war scenes in modern cities
Peace to everyone!

Vanya and the tiger of the Zapashny brothers

I have some more news about Vanya, the kid who lost his legs, one arm and eyesight because Ukrainians bombed Donbass. He had his dream come true.

In the video you can see Vanya and other children from Donbass. They are caressing a tiger named Marpha, cause Vanya had a wish to meet a tiger and the circus family of animal trainers Zapashny brothers heard it and fulfilled it.
I adore their shows and I’m glad they made such a superb present for the kids. The brothers’ names are Edgard and Askold. Edgard is the one who took Vanya into his hands and brought to the tiger. Vanya was not afraid, he was happy.

In the end Edgard presented Vanya a toy tiger and gave a brief interview.He said:
Children and courage – these words must not go together. But what we see – these are courageous kids not only fighting for their lives but also trying to enjoy it. And Vanya made a wish which nobody expected: he wanted to touch a tiger – to touch as he cannot see. So we gave him this possibility and Vanya’s wish also became a present to other children who didn’t expect to meet a tiger. Thus Vanya entertained other kids who got damaged in the Ukrainian war, and as for me, I could barely hide tears standing beside them all.

You can see more pics from this event in Zapashny brothers’ twitter

Nick Vujicic and Vanya

In the upper pic (photo credit to the you can see Nick Vujicic and Vanya. I guess everybody knows Nick, if not, you can read about this outstanding person here

This life-loving guy came to visit little Vanya, the victim of Ukraine agression against Russian population in Donbass. The little boy got under shelling and lost his eyesight, both legs and an arm. Vanya is 9 years old, his younger brother of 6 didn’t even survive. There was a flashmob JesuisVanya at the same time as Charlie flashmob and Vanya’s tragedy became so notorious that donations helped evacuate him to Moscow where he’s getting all possible treatment at this time.

In the lower pic you can see how Vanya used to look before the tragedy and the condition he had right after he got to the hospital. Nick encouraged the little boy, he promised he would learn Russian when he visits Vanya next time and Vanya promised to learn to walk next time Nick arrives to him.

There are thousands of children suffering of war in Donbass, Ukraine must stop aggression right now. But who will stop Ukrainian nazi? I just pray for peace cause today we celebrate Orthodox Easter and I wish peace on earth to the whole world.


Moscow calling and dancing in Donbass

In the upper video you can see the traditional videoclip for the song ‘Moscow Calling’ by the band Gorky Park. This band is outstanding as it is the first Russian-Soviet group which became international and used to be popular in the USA for some time. I like some of their songs, including this one. You can read more about the band here

And I’ve got some more interesting details. Gorky Park is a popular place of entertainment in Moscow, I love being there, it’s a nice park to spend a weekend. And speaking about the name Gorky, you might be interested to know that it comes from the famous Russian writer Maxim Gorky, it’s his pseudonym meaning ‘bitter’.You can read more about him here

In the lower video you can see a defending Donbass warrior dancing with his little daughter to the song ‘Moscow calling’. They have a Donetsk Republic flag in the frame on the wall, and the little girl is wearing its symbol on her hat. I just wish Ukraine stopped aggression so this land would be in peace and I could write about dancing and singing , and not about shelling and shooting there.

Prison bread for life in Donbass

This is another Ukraine-Donbass war story I translated from the news. I made notes for better understanding in brackets:
Prisoners from the local prison decided to save people of one Lugansk village (Donbass area). They voluntarily stayed in prison cause just there behind the concrete walls the only bakery remained. Now prisoners get out of prison everyday to bring fresh bread all around. Dmitri Vahnitsky (journalist) witnessed new prison orders.

The prisoner with a bag calls – Uncle Yura! (we address uncle and aunt to people of middle age)

Journalist – Every door in Chernuhino is opened for this prisoner. Everyday Sergey Zlobin brings warm bread to those people who can’t go to the central square themselves to get food. This bread is baked in the local prison and given to the village people for free.

Uncle Yura – They are helping us. We haven’t seen bread for more than a month. I had a big barrel of dried crusts, I thought it would be enough for half a year or even more but it finished in a month’s time.

Journalist – Zlobin has been going the same route for several months, trying to visit each house marked with such white ribbons. It means people are still here, they weren’t given up even when Ukrainian army started massive shelling the village.

Sergey Zlobin (prisoner) – We went even under shooting, not only me, but also other guys, because the gates in the prison were opened. Many our guys carried products and water and bread all around.

Journalist – In this narrow and stuffy room they bake bread in Sparta’s conditions for themselves and for people. There is an old bath-tub instead of a dough-making machine, they use wood and coal for the oven as there has been no electricity for 2 months. Cook Oleg still has two years to stay in prison.

Cook Oleg – I used to be a robber. Now I’m a licensed baker and confectionary maker. I studied in the 15th prison.

Journalist – There are no guards here and prisoners freely walk behind the barbwire. When the National Guards (Ukrainian nazi forces) came to the village, Ukrainian prison administration escaped leaving the gates open. Prisoners didn’t think much and also left, there are still things on the floor of the prison room as they took almost nothing. When the battle of Chernuhino began this prison contained 392 prisoners. Now only 3 of them have stayed. At first, the prison had electricity cut off, so there was no current on the walls and prisoners got out through the holes. Then shelling made big wholes in the concrete walls and large groups of 20 or 30 people started fleeing. That was the easiest part of the way.

Sergey Zlobin – They were shot. By the National Guards. Because their positions were behind our prison.
Journalist – Shot with arms?
Sergey Zlobin – Yes, just like that. Like hunted animals.

Journalist – Those who survived went to local villages, some came back to prison as they couldn’t pass block posts without documents. Now prison and the village is being supported with products by Local Defendants (they are called separatists in the western press, but they just defend themselves). Shops started opening a few days ago but local people don’t go there. A standard loaf of bread may cost up to 15 grivnas there, all hope is based on humanitarian aid and prison bakery.

Crimea is safe, but Donbass is not

This week Crimea has celebrated a year since they joined the Russian Federation as a result of their referendum. A year ago a man from Norway started writing to me how much they are afraid of Russians, cause Russian army invaded Crimea.
I said – Are you crazy? Are you high that you’re saying this?
Norwegian – They show us on TV that Russian soldiers rape wives and girlfriends of Ukrainian soldiers. The journalist speaks from some debris with drunk people lying around to show how much Crimea suffers from Russians.
I said – That’s not true, Crimean people joined Russia eagerly because nazi government came to power in Ukraine as a result of so called “revolution”.
But he never believed me. And Norwegian mass media and others who poured mud at Russia never apologized.

In the pic above you can see the billboard of the referendum period in Crimea (pic credits to gazeta rb). They chose being free with Russia against neo fascist ideology in Ukraine. Now some foreign mass media start telling the truth. For example, cbcradio of Canada:
– But one year on, a host of new public opinion polls inside Crimea, shows residents there are happy with the turn of events and their return to Russia. In Moscow, those opinion poll results will come as a vindication: that Crimeans welcomed their annexation, and that Russia had a duty to support the region’s ethnic Russians.
You can listen more from John O’Loughlin, professor of Geography, and Piotr Dutkiewicz, professor of political science, in this radio program

Or you can read the blog of a woman, working as a doctor in Donetsk (Donbass area):
– One day, the bus came directly under firing. Between the two explosions I could leap out and fall under the garage wall. Before the next explosion, I managed to go down into the cellar of the nearby house. I stood there, pressed against the wall and could only think of the fact that the shells explode close to where my home is. And that my husband and son were there.
– According to the UN about 5,000 civilians were killed during the war in the Donbass. In fact, that number is 10 times more.
– The President of Ukraine said about the inhabitants of Donetsk: “Their children will sit in cellars.” The Ukrainian government is trying to implement a program of their President.
Her blog is here

There’s another news, showing the truth is coming out. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s (OSCE) said:
– Evidence indicates that Ukrainian government forces fired cluster munitions at Luhansk city in eastern Ukraine last week, killing two civilians and injuring two more. These weapons are banned by 116 countries because of the danger they pose to civilians.More details here

So I’m very happy Crimea is safe together with Russia and I’m very sad Donbass is not protected this way, still being devastated by the fascist forces of Ukraine.

O’Henry’s novel in the Russian song

Did you read a great novel by O’Henry “while the auto waits” about a rich guy who pretended to be poor and a poor girl who pretended to be rich?

If yes, it might be interesting for you to see this video. This is a Russian band “Zveri” and they updated O’Henry’s story in the modern way. A car mechanic takes a rich auto he has been repairing to drive at night. He meets a very nice girl and they spend a great time together.

As she gets into the car, there goes a dialogue:
She- Your car is stunning!
He – Thanks.
She – Is it Ferrari?
He – No, it’s Bentli.
She – Never heard of… My name is Masha.
In the morning, when he drives to return the car, it comes out Masha was that car’s owner.

As for the song translation, it’s probably not possible to translate as it’s made in that bizzare style when words don’t simply form sentences but create some metaphores and vague sences. But the refrain in the song is quite to be pronounced by foreigners, so I’ll translate it for it doesn’t lose any sense being shaped in the English words.

Do skoroi vstrechi, do skoroi vstrechi, moya lubov k tebe navechno, do skoroi vstrechi, do skoroi vstrechi – it means – See you soon, my love to you is eternal, see you soon!
I hope you enjoy singing.

Divine dance and a charming Spanish story

I wrote some time ago how much I love ballet. Two weeks ago we visited “Don Quixote” and enjoyed this wonderful story by Cervantes expressed in dancing. The story begins with the rivalry of Basil, the barber, and Gamanche, the noble man. They both want to marry Quitéria (Kitri), and her father, the innkeeper, supports the noble man, meanwhile Don Quixote arrives and fancies Kitri is the woman of his dreams – Dulcinea. Basil pretends that he committed suicide and Kitri weeps bitterly at his body, so Don Quixote reproaches her father for his cruelty and the innkeeper has to resign. The young couple is so happy and Basil “comes back to life”. Don Quixote and his loyal servant Sancho Panza continue their route and come to the forest where Sancho falls asleep while Don Quixote is day dreaming with fairies, monsters and giants. Sancho wakes up and soon they arrive to the Duke’s castle. There are celebrations and a facetious duel is organised between Don Quixote and “Unknown Knight” played by Basil. They fight for Kitri who pretends to be Dulcinea, but Don Quixote falls awkwardly to the laughter of everyone.

I love this charming day dreamer very much. Never has madness been so kind and noble so you can’t help feeling sympathy towards the old knight. And sly Sancho is the best friend in the world, trying to help his master connect dreams and reality. All the other characters in the ballet are fantastic dancers, taking my breath away, and it was a terrific pleasure to see their flight of dance.

The videos I’ve found have the same dancer playing Basil, that’s Ivan Vasiliev. He’s a star of modern ballet and I can’t take my eyes of his elegant movements. In the upper video his partner playing Kitri is Ekaterina Krysanova and in the lower video that’s Anastasia Matvienko. Who of them is more eloquate in her dance? I can’t choose actually. By the way, if you got interested in Ivan Vasiliev, he has his own youtube channel, where I’ve found both videos. You can enjoy more of his wonderful dancing here

The truth about the war in Ukraine and help to the victims of fascism

A huge number of civilians are killed everyday with bombing and shelling, torturing and raping in Ukraine by the nazi organisations. But I guess it all started when fascists burnt about 200 hundred people alive in Odessa on the 2nd of May, 2014. And world is still turning a blind eye to the fact that in the middle of Europe swastika flags are risen again in the 21st century. But the informational situation is beginning to change to change a little.
The video above promotes a German film by the journalist Ulrich Heyden and it’s about the tragedy of the 2nd of May, showing cruel Ukrainian nationalists at their bloody work.
German nation is probably the first to understand that fascism monster is reborn in Ukraine. They had their awful experience with this ideology and they started defending the victims of fascism, just like we,Russians, do, they sent humanitarian aid to Donbass children. You can join this action at I guess, it has been the first large act of help from the Western society.
Of course, some of the people from other non-Russian speaking countries saw the fact of resurgent nazi in Ukraine. For example, the British journalist Graham Phillips has been showing the truth about the Ukrainian civil war from the very beginning. He was wounded and cured in Donbass but he didn’t leave, didn’t stop working. He has a twitter ( and youtube channel ( Besides, I’d like to give a link to his interview
He says: “I am proud to be British, proud of my country. However, I am ashamed of our country’s position regarding events in Donbass [Donbas], and am doing as much as I can to correctly represent the honour, and history, of our great nation.”
Everyone has to question themselves: are we doing enough to stop the risen fascism so that we don’t feel ashamed in the face of our own nations?