Prison bread for life in Donbass

by russlife

This is another Ukraine-Donbass war story I translated from the news. I made notes for better understanding in brackets:
Prisoners from the local prison decided to save people of one Lugansk village (Donbass area). They voluntarily stayed in prison cause just there behind the concrete walls the only bakery remained. Now prisoners get out of prison everyday to bring fresh bread all around. Dmitri Vahnitsky (journalist) witnessed new prison orders.

The prisoner with a bag calls – Uncle Yura! (we address uncle and aunt to people of middle age)

Journalist – Every door in Chernuhino is opened for this prisoner. Everyday Sergey Zlobin brings warm bread to those people who can’t go to the central square themselves to get food. This bread is baked in the local prison and given to the village people for free.

Uncle Yura – They are helping us. We haven’t seen bread for more than a month. I had a big barrel of dried crusts, I thought it would be enough for half a year or even more but it finished in a month’s time.

Journalist – Zlobin has been going the same route for several months, trying to visit each house marked with such white ribbons. It means people are still here, they weren’t given up even when Ukrainian army started massive shelling the village.

Sergey Zlobin (prisoner) – We went even under shooting, not only me, but also other guys, because the gates in the prison were opened. Many our guys carried products and water and bread all around.

Journalist – In this narrow and stuffy room they bake bread in Sparta’s conditions for themselves and for people. There is an old bath-tub instead of a dough-making machine, they use wood and coal for the oven as there has been no electricity for 2 months. Cook Oleg still has two years to stay in prison.

Cook Oleg – I used to be a robber. Now I’m a licensed baker and confectionary maker. I studied in the 15th prison.

Journalist – There are no guards here and prisoners freely walk behind the barbwire. When the National Guards (Ukrainian nazi forces) came to the village, Ukrainian prison administration escaped leaving the gates open. Prisoners didn’t think much and also left, there are still things on the floor of the prison room as they took almost nothing. When the battle of Chernuhino began this prison contained 392 prisoners. Now only 3 of them have stayed. At first, the prison had electricity cut off, so there was no current on the walls and prisoners got out through the holes. Then shelling made big wholes in the concrete walls and large groups of 20 or 30 people started fleeing. That was the easiest part of the way.

Sergey Zlobin – They were shot. By the National Guards. Because their positions were behind our prison.
Journalist – Shot with arms?
Sergey Zlobin – Yes, just like that. Like hunted animals.

Journalist – Those who survived went to local villages, some came back to prison as they couldn’t pass block posts without documents. Now prison and the village is being supported with products by Local Defendants (they are called separatists in the western press, but they just defend themselves). Shops started opening a few days ago but local people don’t go there. A standard loaf of bread may cost up to 15 grivnas there, all hope is based on humanitarian aid and prison bakery.