The 70th anniversary of the Great Victory of our nation

by russlife

On the 9th of May we celebrated our Victory against German fascism which took place 70 years ago. Now it’s funny to see how Western countries especially Americans, who joined the battlefield when we had done all the fighting, are trying to steal OUR VICTORY, but everyone in Russia knows THE USSR DID STOP HITLER, not anybody else. We paid for being the only fighters with 27 millions of lives. This part of the Second World War is called The Great Patriotic War in Russia.

That’s why we are still celebrating with all our might, cause it’s the day when our people got a chance to live in peace, our new generations got a chance to be born. If not for this Victory I wouldn’t be writing these lines, because Germans had the plan “Ost”, according to which they were going to kill 85% of the population and make slaves of the rest.

Our territory was ruined. My city had only a few streets left when we kicked fascists out of here. We still find their bombs all around. Two weeks ago our children’s hospital was making some faciltiy repairs and they found two German bombs in the earth. Luckily, the military specialists took them away and exploded them without any damage for people and buildings.

So these days we’re having celebrations all together during 3 days. Of course, most of them took place on the 9th of May. In the morning there were parades in many cities. Among alive soldiers marching there were Immortal batalions – it means that relatives of the Soviet Warriors were marching with portraits of them in their hands. In my city there 32 thousand people marching in the Immortal batalion – such a glorious and terrific flow of proud people. I myself didn’t go to the parade and watched it online, so can you in the upper video of the Victory Parade in Moscow by RussiaToday.

After the parade in my city there were a lot of entertaining events. Dancing shows, concerts, fireshows, free museums installations, tricks, free films in the cinema devoted to the war and eating out delicious meals in lovely places right in the street. Concerts were of different styles: rock, pop, jazz, Russian folk music, Soviet war songs, classic music, classic opera, single singers of whatever they want and even Bolivian (I believe) Indians who travel around Russia dancing and singing their national music.

I chose for myself three concerts: Soviet war songs and dancing, Russian folk singing and dancing and a concert of classical music. The first concert was very touching: many people had eyes full of tears as ALMOST EVERY FAMILY in our counry lost someone in the war against fascism. There was a choir of 1000 singers performing these songs on the main square of our city. All the audience was singing together with them. In the end little children let the white doves of peace fly freely into the sky.

The second concert was very bright and cheerful – Russian folk songs are like fire and people started dancing and laughing) And the last classic concert was breathtaking, so pure and overwhelming the melodies were. There was a strom of applauding after each performance.

At 10 p.m. there were magnificent fireworks in many cities of our country. I didn’t go as I was tired, so I watched it online and I post the link here too, you can enjoy the firework of Moscow in the upper video.
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Peace to everyone!