O’Henry’s novel in the Russian song

by russlife

Did you read a great novel by O’Henry “while the auto waits” about a rich guy who pretended to be poor and a poor girl who pretended to be rich?

If yes, it might be interesting for you to see this video. This is a Russian band “Zveri” and they updated O’Henry’s story in the modern way. A car mechanic takes a rich auto he has been repairing to drive at night. He meets a very nice girl and they spend a great time together.

As she gets into the car, there goes a dialogue:
She- Your car is stunning!
He – Thanks.
She – Is it Ferrari?
He – No, it’s Bentli.
She – Never heard of… My name is Masha.
In the morning, when he drives to return the car, it comes out Masha was that car’s owner.

As for the song translation, it’s probably not possible to translate as it’s made in that bizzare style when words don’t simply form sentences but create some metaphores and vague sences. But the refrain in the song is quite to be pronounced by foreigners, so I’ll translate it for it doesn’t lose any sense being shaped in the English words.

Do skoroi vstrechi, do skoroi vstrechi, moya lubov k tebe navechno, do skoroi vstrechi, do skoroi vstrechi – it means – See you soon, my love to you is eternal, see you soon!
I hope you enjoy singing.