Vanya and the tiger of the Zapashny brothers

by russlife

I have some more news about Vanya, the kid who lost his legs, one arm and eyesight because Ukrainians bombed Donbass. He had his dream come true.

In the video you can see Vanya and other children from Donbass. They are caressing a tiger named Marpha, cause Vanya had a wish to meet a tiger and the circus family of animal trainers Zapashny brothers heard it and fulfilled it.
I adore their shows and I’m glad they made such a superb present for the kids. The brothers’ names are Edgard and Askold. Edgard is the one who took Vanya into his hands and brought to the tiger. Vanya was not afraid, he was happy.

In the end Edgard presented Vanya a toy tiger and gave a brief interview.He said:
Children and courage – these words must not go together. But what we see – these are courageous kids not only fighting for their lives but also trying to enjoy it. And Vanya made a wish which nobody expected: he wanted to touch a tiger – to touch as he cannot see. So we gave him this possibility and Vanya’s wish also became a present to other children who didn’t expect to meet a tiger. Thus Vanya entertained other kids who got damaged in the Ukrainian war, and as for me, I could barely hide tears standing beside them all.

You can see more pics from this event in Zapashny brothers’ twitter