Crimea is safe, but Donbass is not

by russlife

This week Crimea has celebrated a year since they joined the Russian Federation as a result of their referendum. A year ago a man from Norway started writing to me how much they are afraid of Russians, cause Russian army invaded Crimea.
I said – Are you crazy? Are you high that you’re saying this?
Norwegian – They show us on TV that Russian soldiers rape wives and girlfriends of Ukrainian soldiers. The journalist speaks from some debris with drunk people lying around to show how much Crimea suffers from Russians.
I said – That’s not true, Crimean people joined Russia eagerly because nazi government came to power in Ukraine as a result of so called “revolution”.
But he never believed me. And Norwegian mass media and others who poured mud at Russia never apologized.

In the pic above you can see the billboard of the referendum period in Crimea (pic credits to gazeta rb). They chose being free with Russia against neo fascist ideology in Ukraine. Now some foreign mass media start telling the truth. For example, cbcradio of Canada:
– But one year on, a host of new public opinion polls inside Crimea, shows residents there are happy with the turn of events and their return to Russia. In Moscow, those opinion poll results will come as a vindication: that Crimeans welcomed their annexation, and that Russia had a duty to support the region’s ethnic Russians.
You can listen more from John O’Loughlin, professor of Geography, and Piotr Dutkiewicz, professor of political science, in this radio program

Or you can read the blog of a woman, working as a doctor in Donetsk (Donbass area):
– One day, the bus came directly under firing. Between the two explosions I could leap out and fall under the garage wall. Before the next explosion, I managed to go down into the cellar of the nearby house. I stood there, pressed against the wall and could only think of the fact that the shells explode close to where my home is. And that my husband and son were there.
– According to the UN about 5,000 civilians were killed during the war in the Donbass. In fact, that number is 10 times more.
– The President of Ukraine said about the inhabitants of Donetsk: “Their children will sit in cellars.” The Ukrainian government is trying to implement a program of their President.
Her blog is here

There’s another news, showing the truth is coming out. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s (OSCE) said:
– Evidence indicates that Ukrainian government forces fired cluster munitions at Luhansk city in eastern Ukraine last week, killing two civilians and injuring two more. These weapons are banned by 116 countries because of the danger they pose to civilians.More details here

So I’m very happy Crimea is safe together with Russia and I’m very sad Donbass is not protected this way, still being devastated by the fascist forces of Ukraine.