Nick Vujicic and Vanya

by russlife

In the upper pic (photo credit to the you can see Nick Vujicic and Vanya. I guess everybody knows Nick, if not, you can read about this outstanding person here

This life-loving guy came to visit little Vanya, the victim of Ukraine agression against Russian population in Donbass. The little boy got under shelling and lost his eyesight, both legs and an arm. Vanya is 9 years old, his younger brother of 6 didn’t even survive. There was a flashmob JesuisVanya at the same time as Charlie flashmob and Vanya’s tragedy became so notorious that donations helped evacuate him to Moscow where he’s getting all possible treatment at this time.

In the lower pic you can see how Vanya used to look before the tragedy and the condition he had right after he got to the hospital. Nick encouraged the little boy, he promised he would learn Russian when he visits Vanya next time and Vanya promised to learn to walk next time Nick arrives to him.

There are thousands of children suffering of war in Donbass, Ukraine must stop aggression right now. But who will stop Ukrainian nazi? I just pray for peace cause today we celebrate Orthodox Easter and I wish peace on earth to the whole world.