The truth about the war in Ukraine and help to the victims of fascism

by russlife

A huge number of civilians are killed everyday with bombing and shelling, torturing and raping in Ukraine by the nazi organisations. But I guess it all started when fascists burnt about 200 hundred people alive in Odessa on the 2nd of May, 2014. And world is still turning a blind eye to the fact that in the middle of Europe swastika flags are risen again in the 21st century. But the informational situation is beginning to change to change a little.
The video above promotes a German film by the journalist Ulrich Heyden and it’s about the tragedy of the 2nd of May, showing cruel Ukrainian nationalists at their bloody work.
German nation is probably the first to understand that fascism monster is reborn in Ukraine. They had their awful experience with this ideology and they started defending the victims of fascism, just like we,Russians, do, they sent humanitarian aid to Donbass children. You can join this action at I guess, it has been the first large act of help from the Western society.
Of course, some of the people from other non-Russian speaking countries saw the fact of resurgent nazi in Ukraine. For example, the British journalist Graham Phillips has been showing the truth about the Ukrainian civil war from the very beginning. He was wounded and cured in Donbass but he didn’t leave, didn’t stop working. He has a twitter ( and youtube channel ( Besides, I’d like to give a link to his interview
He says: “I am proud to be British, proud of my country. However, I am ashamed of our country’s position regarding events in Donbass [Donbas], and am doing as much as I can to correctly represent the honour, and history, of our great nation.”
Everyone has to question themselves: are we doing enough to stop the risen fascism so that we don’t feel ashamed in the face of our own nations?