The Day of Sorrow

by russlife


Last week on the 22 of June we had a Day of Sorrow, the day when fascists attacked our country and the Great Patriotic War began which took away lives of many our compatriots. We paid a horrible price for living in peace and it seemed like fascism would never appear in the world. But it’s not like that today.

I usually write about this war to commemorate two dates: the Day of Sorrow on the 22 of June and the Victory Day on the 9th of May. This year I missed the Victory day, cause I was too shocked with what happened in Odessa where new fascists that have come to power and burnt people alive. Some parts of Ukraine used to collaborate with fascists during the second during the Second World War. Now it seems, history is repeated again Now fascist swastika seems to be in fashion as well as fascism itself down there…

Here are some links with pictures from Ukraine: – The second world war period, swastika and Ukrainian trident at the courses for fascist collaborators – present time, swastika tattoo on the back of Ruslan Albamaz, one of the commander of Kiev batallions – present time, Kiev warriors holding fascist banner

In the upper picture you can see appeal of Donbass children to the world community, because Kiev government used phosphoric bombs against their own population calling ordinary people terrorists and killing noncombatant citizens.

You can learn a lot of facts on the site where usual people, who couldn’t escape from Donbass for some reasons, send videos and pictures, it’s the news from the place itself.

In the end I would like to finish this sad post with a quote from the article “Ukraine: notes from Southeast”  by George Eliason:

” #SaveDonbassPeople in all its forms is our plea for the right to share the same air, to live. It represents the hope for our children’s future, the love of family and the duty to protect them. ”

You can read the full article, showing what’s going on here: