Divine dance and a charming Spanish story

by russlife

I wrote some time ago how much I love ballet. Two weeks ago we visited “Don Quixote” and enjoyed this wonderful story by Cervantes expressed in dancing. The story begins with the rivalry of Basil, the barber, and Gamanche, the noble man. They both want to marry Quitéria (Kitri), and her father, the innkeeper, supports the noble man, meanwhile Don Quixote arrives and fancies Kitri is the woman of his dreams – Dulcinea. Basil pretends that he committed suicide and Kitri weeps bitterly at his body, so Don Quixote reproaches her father for his cruelty and the innkeeper has to resign. The young couple is so happy and Basil “comes back to life”. Don Quixote and his loyal servant Sancho Panza continue their route and come to the forest where Sancho falls asleep while Don Quixote is day dreaming with fairies, monsters and giants. Sancho wakes up and soon they arrive to the Duke’s castle. There are celebrations and a facetious duel is organised between Don Quixote and “Unknown Knight” played by Basil. They fight for Kitri who pretends to be Dulcinea, but Don Quixote falls awkwardly to the laughter of everyone.

I love this charming day dreamer very much. Never has madness been so kind and noble so you can’t help feeling sympathy towards the old knight. And sly Sancho is the best friend in the world, trying to help his master connect dreams and reality. All the other characters in the ballet are fantastic dancers, taking my breath away, and it was a terrific pleasure to see their flight of dance.

The videos I’ve found have the same dancer playing Basil, that’s Ivan Vasiliev. He’s a star of modern ballet and I can’t take my eyes of his elegant movements. In the upper video his partner playing Kitri is Ekaterina Krysanova and in the lower video that’s Anastasia Matvienko. Who of them is more eloquate in her dance? I can’t choose actually. By the way, if you got interested in Ivan Vasiliev, he has his own youtube channel, where I’ve found both videos. You can enjoy more of his wonderful dancing here http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7S51pCKJiAzom9YXQ9TvGw