American general inspires Ukrainians to kill Donbass people

by russlife

This is a Ukrainian TV broadcast showing how American general bloody Ben Hodges is happy to see one-arm guy who went to kill Donbass people. The guy only survived because his dead friend fell on him and that’s why he had only one arm torn apart. The guy says he now needs a 100 hundrend thousand euro artificial limb and the general happily says – thanks you for your service – and gives him some cheap American badge. They say it costs 8 or 12 dollars on ebay.
The guy is 24 years old, he has 2 kids, one arm and a shitty badge. That’s the price of war and killing of innocent people in Donbass.

Another price is more than 750 million dollars. That’s the cost of Donestk airport completely devastasted in Donbass, you can see it in the lower video, they way it used to look and the way it looks now. The American government, having inspired the coup in Ukraine last year, having pushed nazi governmnent to power, having organised the civil war in Donbass, must save money to compensate for what they did. One day they will have to rebuild every bombed house, shop, factory or hospital.

But killed people are not possible to compensate for.