Donbass trying to survive under Ukrainian bombs

by russlife

The first video shows what happened yesterday, 20th January in Donbass. I’ve translated the journalist’s speech:
Journalist – Kiev punitive expedition’s wreckers started bombing Donetsk on the 20th of January. All day long they’ve been shooting with mortars carried in the trunks of the garbage trucks.
Smoking man – There are 6 garbage trucks, 4 have been caught, 2 are still there, carrying mortars.
Journalist – Correspondents of the Novorossiya channel also got under fire.
Then there go remarks where to run to hide from the fire.
Journalist – 20th January. Kiev artillery men keep on bombing streets of a peaceful city with new forces. About an hour ago 120 mines fell on the shop not far from the bus stop. 6 people waiting for the bus are witnessed to get different injuries. Despite the fire community services keep fixing the results of different damages, fire men fight the fires and emergency doctors take away the wounded whose blood we can see here. We may just hope that doctors will be able to save people’s lives. These actions of so called Ukrainian army can’t be called in the other way but the terror against the civilians of Donetsk. It’s equal to the cold blood explosion in the under underground and supermarkets. It looks like Ukrainian Wehrmacht is armed with the tactics of the world terrorism.

The second video is from Graham Phillips, the British journalist. It’s in English and it’s about yesterday’s shelling too.

Meanwhile the rest of the Ukraine is living its own life described in the article of the New York Observer “The New Ukraine Is Run by Rogues, Sexpots, Warlords, Lunatics and Oligarchs