Hypocrisy kills innocent people

by russlife

I don't know the author of the pic, so if anyone knows, please, tell me

Unfortunately, I don’t know who drew the pictures I used in the post. If anyone knows, please, tell me, so I could give credit to them.

In the upper pic you can see the Ukranian president bringing flowers to Charlie victims’ memory, while his army is bombing right now Donbass region (Lugansk is a part of Donbass). in the lowest pic it’s written in French: I’ve crushed the flight MH17, I’ve killed 4634 civilians in Ukraine, but this evening in Paris I’m Charlie.

The authors of the pics did a very good job describing the situation in the right way. There’s a civil war in Ukraine. Not all western Ukranians want to go and kill Eastern Ukranians (ethnically Russians) in Donbass. The whole villages sometimes escape the army just not to become killers. But the Ukranian government hunts them and puts to prison for that.

It’s going to be more and more difficult to escape the war after Volnovaha occasion. Ukrainian soldiers put an antipersonnel mine on the road and exploded a bus with civilians. You can read about it in English here, it’s a translation of the facts gathered about this case http://zergulio.livejournal.com/2394395.html

Immediately after that Poroshenko hypocritically blamed Donbass warriors for that and signed a law about THREE MOBILISATIONS in Ukraine. It looks like he wants to make the whole country a bloody battlefield.

The fact is that Poroshenko doesn’t give pensions to old people in Donbass, he doesn’t send free medicine to disabled people, doesn’t pay any salaries or rebuild bombed houses, his army destroys hospitals, schools, kindergardens, water pumping and central heating stations, factoies and churches. But he still keeps calling this region a part of Ukraine.

Here in the video you can see young people making a video of bombing, they meet an old man and ask him a question: “why are they bombing us? there’s nothing military here, just civilians?” The old man says: “That’s how they bring pensions to us” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKwVni1foVs

And in the end I want to give a link to the opinion of the journalist Phil Butler:
“But I wonder when you will stand up and defend the innocents people of Earth, I wonder that on more sleepless nights. Another thing that moves me deeply is how the deaths of a dozen media people in Paris garners worldwide sympathy, when the coup in Ukraine that caused worlds to war gets only State Department press?”
– See more at: http://www.phillip-butler.com/when-will-we-the-people-stop-the-killing-in-donbass/#sthash.6Zi06Gby.dpuf

These are good questions. When the world answers them, there’ll be peace on earth.