Flash mobs with songs

by russlife

Here are a couple of nice flash mobs which happened in Moscow. Professional singers participated and made it really a wonderful thing to listen to. Here are translations of the songs.

The upper song was written in 1940 but became famous only after the Great Patriotic War:
One summer dawn I peeped into the neighbourhood garden, there was a Moldavian dark-complexioned girl, gathering grapes. I was blushing and turning pale, feeling like saying “Let’s meet summer dawns above the river. Green curly maple with carved leaves, I’m in love with you and embarrassed.” But the Moldavian dark-complexioned girl answered the guy “We’re gathering a Moldavian partisan group, this early morning partisans have left their homes, and I’m heading to the forest. Here at the maple we’ll part.” And the Moldavian dark-complexioned girl went to the forest along the path, I was offended she didn’t invite me with her, and I kept dreaming about her during nights until I met her in the group. She said ” Green curly maple with carved leaves, hello, my good darling”…

The lower song was performed on the Police day as a part of celebration: Our service is hard and dangerous, and it may not be seen at first sight. But if someone doesn’t want to live honestly, then we’ll have the invisible fight, that’s our fate – service day and night. If someone is in trouble, we’ll help, we’re on duty all the time. But if one of us gets in trouble, well, we’ve helped each other many times, a friend’s heart warmed us in the hardest hour. Our relatives often reproach us that we work almost without weekends, partings are endless and meetings are rare. But at the dawn the feeling of duty still makes us get up and go to an invisible fight.