Easter delicacies and some studying

by russlife


So we had Easter yesterday. And I’ll show you some special Easter food which is traditional in Russian Orthodox Christianity. Not all people are very religious, but mostly everyone likes Easter delicacies. I’m showing what I cooked for my family.

In the upper picture you can see traditional Easter cake called “kulich”. There are different recipes, and some people make Easter cakes high, but I prefer these flat cakes for their rich unforgettable taste.

In the lower picture you can see traditional eggs colouring at Easter. Many nations deal with eggs on Easter, and chocolate eggs are also becoming popular cause of children, as it’s kind of fun. But the ancient local tradition is based on colouring chicken eggs. It has evaluated to high arts so that you can really find excellent masterpieces among such coloured works. As for me, I stick to the simplest and very old way of dying eggs with the help of onion peels. You need to put those peels into boiling water together with eggs and keep boiling until eggs acquire such beautiful red colour.

And in the end I’ve decided to add some education material to this Easter post as I haven’t made lessons of Russian for quite a long time. My friend is more or less familiar with the alphabet now, we can start reading easy words from the food theme. Here’s our first attempt: еда – ieda – food, вода – vada – water, вино – vino – wine, хлеб – hlieb – bread, сыр – syyr – cheese, чай – tchai – tea, кофе – kofee – coffee, суп – soop – soup, каша – kasha – porridge, сахар – sahar – sugar.

For more thorough pronunciation check it with google. Good luck!