Night before Christmas in March

by russlife

Last weekend we visited a wonderful opera “Night before Christmas” with its story based on the novel by N.V.Gogol and its charming music written by Rimsky-Korsakov. It’s a winter tale and it’s more suitable for Christmas time, but we somehow felt the desire to see it at this very moment and it was perfect. Besides, at Christmas time you can hardly get a ticket))

The main plot is a love story. A blacksmith falls in love with the most beautiful girl of the village but she’s very self-proud and arrogant. She puts a condition to bring her the shoes of tsaritsa (wife of the tsar,analogue of the queen), in this case she would marry the blacksmith. The second story line is magic. The mother of the blacksmith is a witch and she has many lovers, though her son doesn’t know it. One of the lovers is the devil himself, incidentally caught by the blacksmith. The devil is forced to take the blacksmith to St.Petersburg and help him get tsaritsa’s shoes. Of course, they succeed))

In this cartoon they don’t sing, but the music is the right the one by Rimsky-Korsakov from the opera. There are english subtitles, with quite adequate translation. I hope you’ll enjoy!