News years and Christmases

by russlife


Now the Chinese New Year is being celebrated. A month ago the whole world celebrated traditional New Year on the 31st of December. So did we in Russia. But we also have an outstanding feature of this celebration: we have two new years. The second one is called the Old New Year and it happens on the 13th of January. Why do we have two of them?  Well, at first we only had the Old New Year as the country followed Julian calendar. But since we changed it for Gregorian calendar, we’ve got that common 31st of December New Year still keeping the first holiday. Between these two New Years we celebrate Orthodox Christmas on the 6th of January. So January is full of celebrations.

If we also celebrated the Chinese New Year… and maybe one day we can start doing it… well ))) I can say that when celebrations are too long, work seems a very good thing to do)  Anyway to those people who do celebrate I wish sweets, cookies and cakes as many as you can eat) Enjoy!