Russian alphabet

by russlife

A friend of mine asked for help in Russian. He’s starting from scratch and I’ll try to be useful. Fortunately, there’s no haste needed and I can make some kind of lessons, having fun and feeling relaxed about these studies. The first lesson is a children’s song about the alphabet. Yes, I did enjoy myself))) I bet, when little kids sing this song, parents can’t help singing too. The song is sung several times, all letters are pronounced clearly and it’s easy to repeat. I hope you’ll enjoy!

Our alphabet is one of the Cyrillic alphabets. The etimology is from the name Cyril. Two brothers Cyril and Methodius worked at the development of this alphabet, in order to translate Greek religious texts into Slavic language. The aphabet has been changed several times, the last reform happened in 1917-1918, as a result we got modern Russian alphabet version with 33 letters.

P.S. The video belongs to Solnishkam, published here