Fabulous Melnitsa

by russlife

It’s been a long time since I was here last, and today I’m closing the music stories chain. I mean there’ll be other music posts, when I feel like and have time, but if speaking about the fest, this is the last band I’m describing as others didn’t impress me that much.

Melnitsa, which can be translated as Mill, is a band that I love very much. They got together in 1999 and since that time they have been playing folk-rock based on the Russian, Celtic, Scandinavian and Balkan stories, legends, fairy tales. Their official web site is http://www.melnitsa.net/

Both videos here are exactly from the concert that I visited, downloaded by the fans of the band. The upper song is called “Heather warrior”, mild and tender at first, it gets strong to the end. Here’s the lyrics: There’s fog on the swamps, wolf’s cry hides the traces, I would think I’m drunk but I only drank icy water from the jar you gave me, seeing off to the way that I’ll never return. As a wounded beast I’ll slide the wire silently, I’m not worth your tears or you following my blood on the mountain cranberries moss in the darkness up to the gates with the cold and haze behind them. One day you’ll breathe in the astringent incense of the October moon, the knife in your heart will move and pain will rise from the deep, are you still waiting for the incarnation of trouble, the spirit of shadowy steel to give me that icy water to drink again? But you cannot close the ring of the hills, and the way on the edge of the knife is narrow, don’t look for the traces the heather warrior left behind, you won’t find any.

The lower song is called “Werewolf”, one of the band’s most popular songs. They visited some fest in Germany, so a part of the song translated into German is included in this concert version. The lyrics: Every night my palace is hateful to me where sadness paces along the dirty floor. There’s smoke on the aspen like a vanishing banner and I’m washing away my beast anguish with foamy beer. Through he window unripe moon is sliding inside and it seems to me I hear whisper “Drink up to the bottom, drink, maybe it’ll help, you’ll get what you need, there was a wolf-cub, there’ll be a wolf, wind, blood and silver. It happened so don’t cross yourself, no use in empty speeches, there was a kitten, there’ll be a lynx, soft the bed but it’s rough to lie on it”. Don’t come to me, my beloved, don’t scare away my trouble, I’m fooled by the drunk night, I won’t reach the dawn. I’ll go out and slam the door, silence is around the countryside, and the stars are falling like feathers on the traces of sharp-clawed paws. Spicy smell of darkness, bitter font of forest, you were a bear-cub, but you grew up and turned into a wild beast.

Obviously here a good poetic translation is needed, but I’m not much of a poet. I did my best to show the beauty of these songs and I hope you’ll enjoy.