Troll bends Fir!

by russlife

So I continue my open air fest stories, though with a long interval. Troll bends Fir (Тролль гнёт ель) is a great band from Saint Petersburg. They play music based on folk of Scandinavia mostly, but there are also Irish, Russian, German melodies. These guys call their style “beer folk” and many of the songs are devoted to alcohol 🙂 That’s their site

The song above is called “Waltz on the bones”. I have translated the lyrics: What a winter! Ribs ache from the frost, ale got frozen in the barrel so that you can’t even nibble it, let’s hug not to get frozen to death and I want to suggest you waltz on the bones to the rustle of snowflakes, we are silently dancing around the fire and all this winter night star music is only for you! There are no more people and animals in fiords, it’s just frost around, but we are dancing through the night though your dress is old-fashioned for people and my shoes are with holes. Waltz on the bones…

The Russian song below is called “Kamarinskaya”, it tells us about a funny drunk man from Kamarinskaya village: Hey, son of a bitch, Kamarinsky man, running across the street barely holding his pants or lying near the pub with half a bottle, his clothes covered with burs, belted with a rope, his hat lopsided, neither short nor long goat beard, he spends all his days near the pub, waiting if somebody gives him vodka but only gets nose flicks. Kamariki, that’s a small village near the river with horseless men passionate for vodka 🙂 Why do my lapotochki (folk shoes) walk the wrong way, not holding me at all so that I may fall down?

I hope you enjoyed, the music is fun though words might be monstrous)