Lullabies of the world

by russlife

I’m fond of lullabies and I’ve already written about the ones that I used to listen in my childhood. But some time ago I found a wonderful project devoted to animation of different nations’ lullabies (the director is Elizaveta Skvorcova). They started in 2003 and this year according to wikipedia they’ve published their first disk. You can read more about the project here

I didn’t know this lullaby in my childhood but I loved it as soon as I heard it. It’s about a peasant family life, the kid in the song describes what everybody is doing: father has gone fishing, mother is milking the cow, grandpa is cutting the wood and grandma is making fish soup and picking berries.

I also enjoyed other lullabies with the Greek one seemingly the most familiar, though I don’t understand a word. This familiarity owes to studies of Greek mythology, which is widespread and known by everyone.

You can see the Greek lullaby here Later I’ll post links to more lullabies in comments.