A snail in the pool and amusing Russian language

by russlife


Recently I’ve taken a photo of this nice little snail and I felt its image is destined to be my userpic

At the moment I’m thinking about a very special post for me, so meanwhile I decided to publish something funny and entertaining.

Russian language gives you freedom like no other language, I suppose. Let’s take a phrase ‘I sit at this table everyday’. In Russian you can say it like this:
– Everyday I sit at this table
– Everyday sit I at this table
– At this table I sit everyday
– At table this everyday I sit
– Sit at this table I everyday
– Sit at table this everyday I
– I at table this everyday sit
– At table sit I this everyday
– I at this table sit everyday
– Sit I everyday at this table
– and so on, almost any combinations you can think of
So if you one day start learning Russian, it’ll be easy to build phrases for you, because no matter what phrase order is traditional in your language, it’ll be suitable in Russian.