Lullabies of my childhood

by russlife

When I was a little girl, I wasn’t allowed to watch TV a lot, and in fact communicating in real life was much more interesting. But there was one programme which I watched everyday. It’s called “Good night, kids” – in Russian “Spokoinoi nochi, malyshi” 🙂

It’s been on TV since 1964, led by puppets who teach children some life lesson and show a short cartoon. They also used two lullabies which are examples of soft, calming down music to me. I like to murmur them to myself while going to bed (ballet is for more difficult cases) and they help me relax. I guess as I used to listen to them everyday in my childhood, they’ve become a kind of unconditioned reflex to me – I feel like sleeping when I hear them 🙂

The lyrics of the first song can be translated like this: tired toys and books are sleeping, pillows and blankets are waiting for kids, even the fairy tale is going to sleep to come to us in a dream, say good night to it. In a fairy tale you can ride a moon or a rainbow on a horse, make friends with a little elephant, catch a feather of a magic bird, so close your eyes. All the people must sleep at night, there will be another day tomorrow, we’ve got tired during the day, so close your eyes.

The second song is translated like that: Sleep, my joy, sleep, the lights went out in the house, the bees have become quiet in the garden, fishes have fallen asleep in the pond, the moon is shining in the sky, the moon is looking into the window, close your eyes, sleep, my joy, sleep.

Does any of these songs sound pleasant to you?