Soul soothing ballet

by russlife

Sometimes I get so tired, that it’s difficult to fall asleep. I mean not physically tired, but rather mentally. I get to bed wishing to be asleep as soon as possible, but thoughts keep flowing through my mind not letting me relax. So I have some methods of mine to fight that stress, and one of them is thinking about ballet. It’s so celestial, light and breathtaking, that I can’t help relaxing to the marrow of my bones.

A month ago I visited another ballet staging and it looks like I’m ready to fix my memories in a post. Giselle was the name of the ballet with a libretto by Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges and Théophile Gautier, music by Adolphe Adam. The legend in the basis of the ballet was written down by Heinrich Heine.

The plot is all about intricate love feelings. In the centre we’ve got Giselle, a charming peasant girl, and Duke Albrecht of Silesia, a nobleman, who pretends to be a villager for her. This couple is in love with each other. But Albrecht is already betrothed to Bathilde, the princess, and Giselle is followed by Hans, the forest warden, seeking for her love, though in vain. Giselle has such a weak heart that her mother forbids her to dance. Offended Hans opens the secret of Albrecht to Giselle, the poor girl goes insane and dies.

In the second part of the ballet there is a mystical scene. Hans goes to the grave of Giselle at night to put flowers, but he’s caught by Wilis, spirits of girls who died before getting married. They bring the poor guy to death. The same happens to Albrecht but in this case the spirit of Giselle appears and asks the Queen of Willis to save her lover’s life which the Queen accepts to do.

I’ve also found the old Soviet version of this ballet, you can compare the choreography if you feel like watching both. I enjoyed the ballet so much that after leaving the theatre  I just kept exclaiming – that was terrific, fabulous, magnificent!

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