Doctor Who and Russians

by russlife


While we’re having a fruitful discussion with the readers of this blog, a funny coincidence happened. As I’ve already mentioned, my position is: I wish there were films with normal image of Russians. And in some wonderful way this wish came true. Yesterday I saw such a film! That’s was really great. It’s Doctor WHO, the BBC serial, exactly season 7, series 8 called the Cold War.

If you haven’t seen Doctor Who before, I’ll give a brief description of it. It’s a sci-fi serial, Doctor is a lord of the time travelling in his time machine called Tardis with a human companion. They get either in imagined time of future fantastic world or in real situations of our past and present.

So this time Doctor and his companion Clara got into the Soviet submarine during the period of the Cold War. There was a Martian general on board imprisoned in a huge block of ice found by the Soviet expedition in the North Pole or somewhere like that. So Doctor Who and the Soviet crew together confronted the Martian general who wanted to destroy our planet.

That was really heartwarming to see. For the first time in my memory Russians have been shown as ordinary nice people with their fears and hopes, duties and interests, desire to live and come back to families together with readiness to fight in the demand of honour. And the whole Cold War situation was shown like some kind of a tragic mistake, a horrible misunderstanding as we have one common planet to share.

In the pictures you can see Doctor Who and one of the Soviet sailors.
Here you can watch this series as long as it’s not deleted in youtube:

Note:  The picture is taken from the film Doctor Who, created by Sydney Newman
C. E. Webber, Donald Wilson. The youtube video is published by DeaDfRogS100,available at, taken on 2013/04/22